Who Are We

Tshwane Community Skills Academy (TCSA) is an non profit organisation formed in 2014 to address the needs of individuals, aspirant entrepreneurs and Cooperatives in poor communities.  We target youth and women-owned informal businesses and turn them into formally registered enterprises.

The Academy was established under the Non-Profit Organization Act 71 of 1997 with Registration No.: 143-639 NPO to focus on entrepreneurship, mentorship and access to finance for the development at early-stage of business startups. We aim to increase a number of active and sustainable enterprises for job creation through practical business skills training, management and on-the-job training in various sectors.

TCSA works in partnership with local and internationally accredited training providers to ensure that rural and township entrepreneurs receive world class quality education, skills and qualifications.  



To become one of the leading multi-purpose service providers committed to building the capacity and the competitiveness of SMMEs, thus creating a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, skills transfers and customised business programmes in our communities. 


  • To empower, equip and build the capacity of emerging entrepreneurs to enable them to participate in the mainstream of the economy.
  • To close the skills gap within the SMME sector through provisioning of Business Skills Training, Industry-based Skills Training and Certified Business Management and Leadership Training.


TCSA strives to:

  • work with all parties in an honest and ethical manner;
  • being a leader in small business development & training;
  • improve training programmes continuously;
  • uphold superior ethical values;
  • ensure professionalism and customer satisfaction;  and
  • providing world-class quality training.