Members Services

Through our group of Business and Cooperative specialists, we are able to:

  • Provide non financial support services to the local business community.
  • Share information, advisory support services  to support  Small businesses, Co-operatives and Community- based organisations.
  • Help members to access funding.
  • To improve the overall quality of life for entrepreneurs in the black community through skills and government contracts.
  • Support on Governance and Administration issues affecting  our members’ businesses.
  • Access to markets (Procurement opportunities and Market Linkages)
  • Provide accredited and non accredited training, workshops and seminars.
  • Lobbying and advocacy on policy matters advancing entrepreneurial  growth.


Advertising and Promotion

  • Provide access to a database of verified service provider members.
  • Receive referrals from business and local communities.
  • Seek Business Linkages opportunities from the private sector.
  • Source sponsorship opportunities for various networking events and business skills training programmes.
  • Host Business Breakfasts, Exhibitions and Seminars.